China leads COVID-19 vaccine race

By Sangmi Cha and Miyoung Kim

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Well yeah what a shock. They’d know all about this virus...

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Well yeah what a shock. They’d know all about this virus...

Well, anytime I read anything somewhat even positive about China, I immediately start to think that it is some Chinese Propaganda

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Well, if one is responsible for the outbreak then one should be the one taking the lead in curtailing it. Bright side for Akie, et al. (the primary cheerleaders of the CCP propaganda on this forum), it'll be big profits for Xi Jinping and Mother China if the Chinese solution is actually successful. NOT holding my breath given Chinese product quality, not that it's any better than some USA-made products. See! I can be objective unlike some of you!

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Of course China is leading...

They know exactly what they engineered in their laboratories.

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They make the virus..then they make the vaccine by 'leading' the race.

Good job China.... And good money too...

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It is very difficult to create a SARS Corona branch of vaccine.

I wish everyone good luck on this. It will be a great scientific breakthrough.

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Anyway, who in their right mind would take a COVID-19 vaccine created in China under the CCP?

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Monty, apparently you don't understand virology. None of the covid-19 viruses that are infecting people, and there are multiple mutations were made in a laboratory. Straight forward DNA analysis by virologists can identify lab made viruses because they have a specific design pattern or backbone.

Made in a lab in China or anywhere else is false. Also, the viruses infecting New York came from European mutations. This explains why NYC took such a hard hit. Scientists really should be consulted before political decisions are made. Flights from Europe to the US should have been stopped or quarantined.

Kyronstavic: Chinese science is sound as well as respected by scientists world-wide.

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I hope the poster above can provide some evidence for their claims

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WilliamJamesToday  02:55 pm JST

Kyronstavic: Chinese science is sound as well as respected by scientists world-wide.

Even if that is the case, their government is totally untrustworthy, and anything realised to the outside world would need the CCP's stamp of approval.

Not for me, thanks.

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There are some things about China that worry me, but whoever develops the vaccine first will be doing everyone a favor.

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Little Trumpy doesn't like this news..

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