Are dining tents a safe way to eat out during the pandemic?


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It seems a nice way to balance protection against the infection against mind health, for some people it is very important to go out sometimes and enjoy some time away from home to keep them balanced and healthy, it is unfortunate that the cost may make this not an option for some people.

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All the outdoor dining areas that I have seen have very good ventilation, so I would conclude that those I have seen are safer than the related indoor dining areas. That said, Los Angeles County recently ordered the closing of not only indoor dining, but all outdoor dining as well. I will not try to comment on the wisdom of such a move, but it is true that the pandemic over here is out of control, and many people still refuse to take it seriously.

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There is no safe way to eat out, especially because of the non-cooperating bozos, but this method reduces the chances of getting the virus.

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The draconian Chinese approach to dealing with the Virus is the ONLY way to handle it.

They should know, they created it.

And their people accept the harsh nature of their "Government" unlike those of us within so called Democracies.... we are all looking like Neanderthals believing the World is flat, etc... with the "Lets Party On Dude!" attitude.

Sadly also the rush for innoculations - may result in long term effects that we have yet to learn about. If my Company, ever attempts to force me to take an innoculation, then I will refuse, unless they take responsibility for any adverse effects from the time of innoculation to forever.... and if they fire me as a result, then I will sue them, as too the Government.

Legally speaking ... one word... Thalidomide.

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