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Are doctors and teachers confusing immaturity and attention deficit?

By Robert MacPherson

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I got off that medication ages ago by changing diet. That they are prescribing psychotropic drugs at such a young age is just terrible.

For me it was a dietary deficiency, and given the low quality of food and the increasing prevalence of processed food it lines up in my mind that this is a corporate plight inflicted upon us.

Broccoli flaxseed walnuts peanut butter seaweed and others for natural focus on omega3's magnesium and zinc. No pills no supplements. Whole foods. That's all it took.

How sad is it that we reach for the pills rather than study the problem? And that we believe corporations that directly benefit from the sale of pills?

In one company half the staff were on medication. It's scary

And unnecessary

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It's becoming a lot like THX1138

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for the kids very easy. Normal steel cut oatmeal with nothing added, for the zinc magnesium Flaxseed meal or walnuts for the omega 3s. Add it as is with soy milk and cinnamon and it's quick

Pills or oatmeal, that is the question

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ADHD diagnoses are often totally unnecessary. The reasons children, especially boys, aren't paying attention in class might be the following:

They are bored with the content

They feel 'lost' in a crowd of 30 or more students

Tiredness due to lack of sleep, which might be due to several causes

Emotional or disciplinary issues

Lack of exercise


Drugging them should very rarely or never be the answer. Of course that means less money for the medical system......

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ADHD is such a made-up condition.

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I have long held the belief (which I've not seen discussed anywhere) that some of ADHD is a direct result of children not having enough to do in terms of work that contributes to the family and society in which they live.

In non-technological societies children can function as adults as soon as they master the technology which can be as early as age 10. They can hunt by setting snares, gather, fetch water, look after younger siblings and so on.

In evolutionary terms a child's life of sitting in school from 3 to 18 and beyond is very recent. Even 100 years ago many children went to school from ages 6 to 12 and then went to work out of economic necessity. Before going to school they had to fill the wood box, care for the animals they owned, do regular chores and walk many miles to get anywhere. They were not sitting in a desk and pushing pencils or exercising their thumbs on a gaming device.

I think part of the problem with ADHD diagnoses (in addition to diet which sf2k mentions) is that the human mind and body are not designed for the world we live in now. Big pharma, however, loves it.

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The amygdala organ in the brain switches on the body's fight or flight physical arousal in life threatening emergencies. In children up to the age of around 5 it also narrows the child's awareness by dissociating from consciousness much of the sensory inputs and feelings and thoughts about what is happening so the child is only aware of doing what is necessary to survive. Because of this partial amnesia for what happened, the child's brain does not realize the emergency is over, so the mind/body remains in a chronic state of emergency arousal. Healing can only happen when the dissociated parts of the experience come into consciousness in a safe way so the child fully understands what happened and the mind/body knows it is finally over and can stand down from the chronic state of emergency arousal. The failure to recognize and properly help such children who are suffering the chronic PTSD effects of overwhelming trauma is the principal cause of most mental and emotional illness in later life as well. Such children and adults need the help of caring people to understand and heal themselves, not to be labelled as having some incurable illness that will require drugs for the rest of their lives.

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wipeout Dec. 5  09:02 pm JST

Pills or oatmeal, that is the question

On the contrary, that's just a way of irrelevantly shoehorning the word "oatmeal" into a topic, on the assumption that people will be too witless to notice that it's suddenly appeared there.

Ah I see I missed that. Add Oatmeal to my food list in the first post. I had put it in but apparently mis-typed it out. Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal!

It's all the nutrients, but most notably the hard to come by Zinc that makes all the difference

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The strange this about oatmeal this discussion oatmeal us that no one seems to oatmeal have actually noticed the strength of the oatmeal findings in that 34% in oatmeal diagnosis was literally for no other oatmeal reason, other than if the child's birthday was in oatmeal August or September, in other words "age in class ! "

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It's all the nutrients, but most notably the hard to come by Zinc that makes all the difference

Nonsense, it is easy to eat enough zinc and it doesn't 'make all the difference'.

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don't know what to say. I found it to be a dietary disease and by fixing diet it was manageable. It's a condition we make for ourselves and it is a real effect but it can be managed. This is important for those that are at wits end. Since this doesn't concern you it isn't your business

Doctors don't know how to manage something dietary in nature. They don't receive dietary training. Ask them. They're good for diseases, as that's their training

it doesn't 'make all the difference'.

Yeah it really does. Calms you down when you have 2 exams in one day, nosy parents, and personal doubts. ADHD kids fail a lot. Change of diet leads to honours students. Big difference. But you have to live it to know that.

If you don't know the suffering people go through how you can comment is a mystery

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ADHD diagnoses are often totally unnecessary. The reasons children, especially boys, aren't paying attention in class might be the following:

They are boys.

We shouldn't classify what often seems to be very natural behaviour as a medical disorder.

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steel cut oats is also rolled oats. It's just a branding term of the type of oatmeal in the bag. Only oats, not any added sugars or ingredients. 1 ingredient in a bag

If you use cronometer website, (its free) you can put 1.5 cups of oatmeal in the listing and see the astounding nutrient quality of such a simple food. B vitamin powerhouse plus zinc. Add walnuts/flaxseed meal for the omega 3s. Add soy milk for a bit more nutrient punch. For all the negative things in Japan diets of late, the continued prevalence of soy foods is keeping it healthy so I don't think I need to defend it.

You don't have to be totally vegan to benefit from such a breakfast but it helps and maximizes reduction of inflammation and reactions.

What I have found is that Zinc calms the active brain down, so that we can handle stresses better and not overreact. The omega3s help focus. I need both. One or the other left out and it doesn't work. What food combinations you use are up to you

I had chronic insomnia as a kid. This made it sometimes physically impossible to go to school. I found that plant based life has meant I have more restful sleep and an overactive mind can find rest.

I'm sharing what works, is that ok? No doubt you will have further complaints


The condition can also affect girls but it is mainly boys. The phys-ed approach has worked in some school districts where kids exercise just before class

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I know the medications, doses, and diagnosis. Decades of dealing with the issue from doctors. And I merely am sharing what allowed me to leave Big Pharma forever

I didn't know oatmeal was such a threat to someone's worldview that they would rather children suffer instead. Yikes

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