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Arthritis' toll rises as too few take steps to reduce pain: CDC


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Exercise certainly helps, but it is hard to do when in a lot of pain and muscle stiffness. I accidently found that taking an L-lysine capsule after eating several handfuls of dry roasted peanuts greatly reduces muscle stiffness and stops the pain. I had taken the L-lysine because I thought some light headedness I was experiencing might be due to an inner ear problem caused by herpes virus. And I had stopped eating sugary foods and was snacking on peanuts. After several days I was amazed to discover my arthritic pain had stopped and I had become so flexible I could put on my socks without any problem. A net search revealed that you should not eat peanuts when taking L-lysine for herpes because there is an enzyme in peanuts that combines with the L-lysine enzyme to make the lubricant for your joints! That was years ago, and it still works for me today. It doesn't take much either, as I only use up one bottle of 40 capsules of L-lysine in an average year.

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