As coronavirus takes emotional toll, mental health professionals brace for spike in demand

By Nick Brown

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Interesting; Trump said this situation would cause a spike in depression, anxiety, suicides, drug use, etc. and the media tried to act like he was making stuff up. And yet that is the reality, as we can see here. It's just common sense.

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OMG! The last thing we need is mental health "professionals!" It's hard enough coping with the physical aspect. Keep the psychs out of it!

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For a minute I thought it was about Japan. Abundance of so many types of psycho therapists in America. When I feel stressed I put the music on, hit the volume and dance for 10 minutes.

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For those poor souls who are anxious about job security, it must be difficult. Understanding how a virus that developed in China can destroy, globally, businesses, jobs and whole sectors is extremely distressing. It seems unfathomable and many people are lost.

There are hard times ahead, and over the course, our resilience will erode.

Lend an ear and empathise with those who are hurting.

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This should be taken seriously. I have a dear friend back in the UK who suffers from depression and has harmed himself badly in the past. He’s the type who’ll pick up on the very often uninformed prophets of doom.

Those spreading panic should stop it.

Keep the psychs out of it

My friend was treated by ‘psychs’ after quite a few harrowing situations. Mental health must be treated as seriously as physical health. Not all of us are as mentally robust as you.

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Everybody knows with this virus crisis and isolations, that ya not only have to take care of your physical health while cooped up inside the house, but also take care of your mental health of being isolated like a prison bubble and headaches from the financial consequences

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