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Back of the line: Charity only goes so far in world vaccines


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The vast majority of low income countries are figuring out what the richer ones that have been scammed will eventually figure out

By losing a lot of people to completely ineffective treatments? that is not a sacrifice they should have done. Science pointed to this long before governments tried to make up with lack of action with scams like these, people should not need to be sacrificed to get yet more proof they are of no help.

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Anything that depends on rich countries doing "the right thing" even if that benefits much more other countries is going to fail hard. The intention of COVAX was very good, and a lot of people worked very hard to see even the limited results that it got, but countries with power will use it to take advantage and benefit first.

The approach of supporting the local production of vaccines in poorer countries is one possibility that may give better results next time, for COVID it has become clear that traditional vaccines are "good enough" to save a lot of lives even if not as safe or effective as the best vaccines produced. Supporting developing countries to produce inactivated or recombinant protein vaccines would mean that their choices improve and if the best vaccines are not made available for them they could have at least access to second tier vaccines, maybe less effective, maybe with more side effects, but perfectly good to save millions of lives.

The problem that remain would be how to make sure governments that have rampant corruption actually use the resources for the production of vaccines instead of wasting it or using it for other purposes.

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“The vast majority of the COVAX supply will go to low- and middle-income countries,” Gavi said in an email about its latest supply forecast. For many countries, it said, “COVAX is the main, if not the only source of COVID-19 vaccine supply.”


The vast majority of low income countries are figuring out what the richer ones that have been scammed will eventually figure out.

COVAX is becoming the main and only source of ineffective experimental concoctions that are proving themselves to be increasingly unnecessary.

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