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Brain activity shows basis of near-death experiences


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Science can only study the physical universe our bodies are part of, therefore science cannot know what happens to our consciousness after our physical bodies cease to function and become dust. For all those who have been taught consciousness ends at physical death, if you do find you are still around after your body dies, look for a light! Go to it, or permit it to approach you. You just may discover it is a beloved soul mate, come to take you to your eternal home.

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I would like to remind everyone that "Science" is not a thing; it is a process. Science doesn't "know" anything; we who use the scientific process come to know things by its employ. It is our limitation as human beings that leads to us not knowing something; there is no such limitation in the scientific process.

When anyone says "Science can't know everything", or "Science can't tell us..." this is a clear indicator that the speaker doesn't understand what the scientific process really is - it is simply a method for discovery. In that regard, theoretically there's nothing the process can't be employed to discover, given that its actually discoverable - and that's something we, as human beings, only learn as we get more information.

One can correctly say that the collective scientific community doesn't know something, because that refers to us, but that has no bearing on Science itself, nor whether that thing is ultimately knowable.

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And what of the many documented cases of communication with deceased people? Of course the soul is a type of energy ; anyone witnessing death can see that. It's a pity that this study is so basic,,,,

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have seen the light twice and never thought that it was anything religious. Knew there was an explanation for it all along. Am glad I know what it is.

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Apparently, the brain keeps on working for up to 30 seconds after blood flow stops

That much is obvious. First, if cells could not live any amount of time without new oxygen, you would die between heartbeats. You’ve all skipped heartbeats before without dying, meaning not only can you survive longer than a heartbeat with no resupply of oxygen, but there is obviously some safety period as well during which you can survive beyond that. Otherwise if we skipped 2 beats we would just drop dead for no reason.

That never happens. I skipped 4 beats (literally) just last week and only got very slightly dizzy (but not enough for my coworkers to notice).

18-century Dr. Gabriel Beaurieux from France studied beheaded people under the same understanding and got limited responses from heads that had just been removed. His findings have been disputed but there is no possible foundation for such a dispute. Blood carrying oxygen continues to move due to momentum for a short time, then starts to move again due to gravity. For a short grace period, some—but not all—cells are getting a resupply of oxygen. In addition to that there is a second grace period during which cells don’t need a resupply.

This is all logic, and can easily add up to 30 seconds. That doesn’t mean you are responsive during that 30 seconds. In any case where your heart stops, things get fuzzy over about 3-to-8 seconds and after that you are unconscious but not dead. Observers, however, never see your transition from sleep to death, and assume death came earlier than it did.

The rest of the article is new, in that we never knew the brain could en-heighten its activity after a drop in the blood flow.

It will take time, but hopefully this research will debunk sightings of heaven etc. near death. I myself have drowned for over 3 minutes and indeed I saw a light, among other things. There is no reason to say that explains an afterlife or heaven. Firstly, as clear as the images were, they were clear under a state of mind that had been deprived of oxygen and fuzzy in other areas of critical thinking. I could no do basic math, for example.

I am speaking from experience, so I won’t buy into the claims of people who have “been there”. I have as well, and there is nothing there but was is explained in this article. The rest is just a person attaching meaning to physics based on religion. A person who has never been taught about religion will see the same thing, but without all the attachments to heaven etc.

Hopefully this will, in conjunction with the fact that man now understands how to create from-scratch 3 of the 4 RNA rhizomes that lead to “life from nothing” and can do so in lab conditions, help promote a healthier religion-free planet where people seek answers based on testable facts.

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