British bid to genetically modify human embryos


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This is intriguing stuff, though I'm not sure what the ethical concerns revolve around. This is supposed to be research into preventing defects during embryonic development, right? I don't see the problem with that. Reducing the risk of developmental defects and complications during birth... I can only see that as being a good thing. Isn't it any parents' wish for their child to be healthy and happy?

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Someday people will realize they'd have to dump all that "ethics" BS to cure most diseases to healthily live past 100. The soooner the better.

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No. Stop. Respect Limits. Just because you can do things doesn't mean you should be doing things. Nuclear weapons also are a limit and reflect the human need to keep walking over lines in the sand that shouldn't have been crossed. You'd think we would have learned by now. Sigh

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@sf2k I agree, but think it's too late. Biological engineering, DNA editing, whatever, is a reality now. Those who stand to gain the most from it, the richest and most powerful, know how it could give them and their offspring even greater advantages. I have zero sense we'll see any chance for a meaningful dialogue on the ethics of this; once again the elite will make the decisions for us. I echo your sigh.

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Sad thing is when stuff like this hits the news its just window dressing for what they have been doing behind closed doors for ages.

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