California scientists test Ecstasy as anxiety-reducer for gravely ill


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While considering indication for use: It is worthwhile to note that we're all going to die.

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MDMA is actually not so bad for the body, as has been found in multiple studies over the past decade or so. The problem is in its lack of regulation. Almost none of the Extacy people do recreationally is pure - it's been mixed with speed, meth and other drugs. Add this to the fact that it's bought on the street (or wherever) with no direction whatsoever as to how much to do, what to be careful of etc, and you end up with a situation where people occasionally die. This is the major problem with the war on drugs - the lack of regulation turns it into a black market where there is no control, amplifying the bad parts of the drugs, rather than trying to minimize the risk.

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Another badly researched article.

MDMA (street names: ecstacy/mandy/molly/etc.) was orignally synthesised back in 1912, and the patents were filed by Bayers. The psychoactive effects weren't known until about 1971.

The potential for its use as a theraputic drug was noted as early as 1975, and there was a great deal of research into its use during the 70's and early 80's.

So these scientists in California aren't doing anything new or novel as this article heavily implies.

Yet more lazy reporting.

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