California start-up sends tiny robots on voyage into brains

By Laurent BANGUET

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Fascinating news, can't wait to see how useful this technology can become. A lot of problems on the brain could be solved if this prove to be safe.

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It may seems strange to focus on DWS and gliomas (because there are other problems that are much more frequent and in urgent need for better surgical solutions), but it makes a lot of sense to focus on things that require relatively simple procedures once access is achieved, puncturing a cyst or injecting a small dose into a tumor are things that can be done with relative safety even by robots with limited functions.

Hopefully in the near future other more complex treatment will also become possible.

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I do not consent

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I do not consent

Does this mean you are a patient of inoperable Dandy-Walker Syndrome or malignant gliomas? else why would you need to consent to this possibly life-saving procedure?

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Cool tech.

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Where is Raquel Welch when you need her! ;)

A truly fascinating advance, even I can see this tech could be used in many more areas and treatments.

Look forward to seeing how this developers in the future.

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