Can tablet computers give you a pain in the neck?


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iPad stands aren't that expensive. Heck, Apple will even give you one at no cost - if you luck out and pester the right sales agent on the phone when you order one!

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They need to make them lighter. iPad 2 is a bit heavy.

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It's iPad users themselves who are a pain in the neck.

They're so smug and self-satisfied

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Those are 10-inch models. Better to get a 7 inch model, which is lighter and can be held up like a book or magazine.

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i mostly use the tablet on a desk with it raised and titled a little on a baseball cap. not problems at all.

the SONY S (almost 10 in.) is very light, just go to any Joshin or similar computer store and pick it up.

i think about it if you are going to get a table to use as your PC, then 10in. is best.

those smaller size screens make the file names so small, hard to move files around and for watching video files.

i think the 7 or 8in. tablets might be great for listening to music and audio ebooks, maybe reading if you make the font size up and reading webpages would be ok, just pinch to zoom. but if you want to use your tablet as your PC, get 10. i have read that Samsung is making a 13in. tablet for next year, cool.

i got my AU Motorola XOOM the day it went on sale on April 9, 2011 and after a hard few months of leaving the world of Windows7 and learning to use Android 3.0 (now i have 3.2) my Android 3 tablet is my main PC.

the only time i turn on my Win7 PC is to move the stuff from the tablet to the PC to burn data DVDs. i use the PC to make prints of the .docx text i wrote on the tablet and i use the PC to enter text to webpage based forms, like the college syllabus, the browsers running on Android will not work for that.

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I love my apple products but the iPad2 flip cover that auto sleeps it sucks as a stand. It falls down backwards if you try to use the key board and not hold it. Get something else to prop it on.

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A voice comes from nowhere:

"You are holding it wrong".

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Haha, respect the deceased, ebisen.

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3 in 1 solution ergonomic tablet stand

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