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Can therapy ease the trauma of U.S. racist attacks and systemic racism?

By Sharon Bernstein and Barbara Goldberg

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Basically, if you're not wearing a Maga hat, you need 24 hour trauma counselling and support because of what Trump did.

And to a large extent in the US that is true. I am old and white, old enough and white enough that other older whites make assumptions about my world view and blow out. They say what's on their mind with no filter assuming, wrongly as it turns out, based on my age and race I won't be offended by the N-bombs or the equally vile terms they use for Asian, Hispanics and Native Americans. I hear it all. The US is a racist nation. Period. I know it is true because whites say blatantly racist things to me all the time. I don't say anything because in my town it could get you hurt.

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You have to go all the way to the end of the article before you get to the root of all this AAPI hate - it's whitey of course!

...a white man shouted at her: "Get your coronavirus babies the f--k out of here!"

...her 65-year-old mother was threatened by another white man later.

Suspiciously missing from this article though are any statistics of actual violence against Asians. Not just name-calling but the assaults and murders which are being committed overwhelmingly by blacks.

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I'd like to hear a few examples of the systemic racism mentioned in this article.

Systemic racism is a form of racism that is embedded through laws within society or an organization. It can lead to such issues as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, health care, political power, and education, among other issues.

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Burning BushToday  07:28 am JST

Another long expose pointing to the fact that every American who is not a straight white Christian male is a victim of systematic hate.

uh, okay. Not sure if you’re serious. On the odd chance that you are, there are 3 things you might want to consider:

Not all victimizers are straight, white, Christian or male.

Not all people who aren’t straight, white Christian or male consider themselves victims, no matter what you think about them.

Calling all straight, white, Christian males victimizers (which is essentially what you’re doing) actually makes the situation worse because A: it alienates an important group of people who may be sympathetic to the cause but understandably disagree with that kind of extremist thinking, and B: extremist talk like that only gives the right more freedom to move further right, while giving white supremacists more ammunition and motivation.

I agree that real victims of racism may find many benefits from therapy, but nothing can be gained by vilifying a group of people for nothing more than their identity.

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The US is not a systematically racist country, but we do have racists in the country, so does every other nation. More leftists propagated division. Is it a problem, to a certain degree, but you can lump in pretty much most multi-cultural societies, doesn't mean the problems can't and shouldn't be addressed, but to push the race button constantly is counterproductive is insulting.

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Everyday there is news of an attack by Blacks against Asians in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or some other Democratic city. Latest ones were in NYC against an Indian man and elderly Chinese lady.

False narratives won’t help Asians. And the main facilitators of Asian hate in America- out of touch elites in Hollywood, media, tech, Ivy League schools- will continue to hide.

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Calling all straight, white, Christian males victimizers

That's sexist, racist and religiously discriminatory.

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Oh my, the irony of a Japanese news outlet doing a hit piece on "systemic racism in America" is just amazing.

Is this a satire column I didn't know about?

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The US is not a systematically racist country, but we do have racists in the country, so does every other nation.

lol Of course America isn't racist. It is just a coincidence that in minorities in general, and blacks specifically, measure lower in just about every measure of well-being. It is just a coincidence that they are more likely to be stopped by cops, become victims of police violence, and less likely to own property than whites. It's just a coincidence that blacks are traditionally under-banked. Just a coincidence that banks were unwilling to lend money to purchase houses in black neighborhoods.

Oh my, the irony of a Japanese news outlet doing a hit piece on "systemic racism in America" is just amazing.

Uh no, it is a piece written by writers are Thompson Reuters published on Japan Today.

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Surely we can all agree that anti-asian or anti-black or anti-white - NONE of it is right - and that we should stand against such behavior!?

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Racism, in any form, is pathetic. Virtually all Americans, of any ethnicity, don't hate Asians; it's the 0.0001% that are racist, do terrible things, and grab headlines, thus inculcating the rest of us.

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I later lived in Florida and rarely if ever heard that word even though it is a southern state.

You didn't live in the Florida Panhandle (aka "Florabama"). When I was stationed there the open racism stunned me. There were still "sunset towns" where blacks did not go out after dark. Even when stationed there I used to joke that the further south in Florida you went, the more northern it became. The Panhandle was more like Mississippi. I also remember my cousins in Texas using their car to run black drivers off the road on Houston freeways. Never visited those cousins again!

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Racism is systemic & endemic in the U S A. Always has been.

But, ever since trump gained office, and after, he incites violence against Non- Whites.

How does a nation turn that around?

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 those whites who insist white European culture is superior to all else,

Yeah, it's not as if the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, and nearly everyone else in the world would ever see their cultures as superior in any way. LOL.

The US is a country of Western culture, derived directly from European culture, and for some reason, attracts millions of millions of people around the world who crave a better life for themselves and their children. The other big destinations for such freedom seekers are Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Hmm, I think were seeing a pattern here....

If "white people" are proud or even smug about their culture's success and universal appeal, they have very good grounds to be that way.

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