Cancer patients in poor countries needlessly denied pain relief: WHO

By Stephanie Nebehay

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Japan has one of the lowest levels of opiate use amongst the top 20 developed countries, leaving many terminally patients in agony, despite a 2007 campaign to increase their use and care better for patients. They seem to prefer weaker non-opiate solutions, along with large doses of gaman, and I have even seen traditional folklore remedies such as ginger and potato paste applied to a patient's skin by a relative in a university hospital here.

Post-operative pain relief here also leaves much to be desired, despite data showing that adequate post-op pain relief helps the patient to a quicker recovery.

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Japan has the exact opposite problem as America, where doctors hand out pain killers willy-nilly; The health system here doesn’t allow for prescription of pain killers. It’s a problem as the body takes longer to heal wirh pain.

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"Nobody, cancer patients or not cancer patients, should live or die in pain in the 21st century," Dr Etienne Krug, director of WHO's department of noncommunicable diseases, told a briefing.

What about CBD oil then? It might go some way in helping patients relieve their pain.

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What about CBD oil then? It might go some way in helping patients relieve their pain.

It exists here to some degree. I recently bought a CBD vape pen in Shibuya.

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