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Cannabis holds promise for pain management, reducing the need for opioid painkillers

By Benjamin Land

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Hold on! Archaeological evidence tells us that China, the oldest civilization on the planet, has been using Cannabis for ONLY 8000 years so we should continue 'studying' it to be sure that it is safe for Humans to use. But there is danger because, unlike Ethanol which safely turns off the higher centers of the brain and over time renders them moot, Cannabis stimulates thinking and, in particular for some, analyzing political manipulations and understanding their perniciousness. Can't have that!! What if everyone started to question the credibility of their 'leaders', particularly when they are beating the drum for WAR? Bad for business at the least. Medicine also would take a hit when all of the Ethanol related illnesses began to vanish not to mention the opioid pushers of Big Pharma who would also be affected. Yeah, best to stall and destroy people's lives for being disobedient regarding Cannabis. Anything else would seem insane for its actual sanity.

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Common Japan, get with it mun

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Full circle. Last 100 years have been an aberration in mankindś relationship with THC.

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Agree with Alan and William

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