CDC panel grapples with who needs booster shot of COVID vaccine


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Israel being at the forefront of vaccinations, their system is inevitably going to become the norm in Western countries.

Israel is not at the forefront of vaccinations, which makes your point false. It is also based on a single type of vaccine, something that do not apply for the vast majority of other countries, finally it also runs contrary to the recommendations of the WHO that is much closer to what the CDC is considering.

Differently from imaginary situations, the reality is that boosters can be subjected to diminishing returns on some populations, meaning that one extra booster do not bring any extra additional reduction of risk, if a person is not better after a booster then its vaccination status do not need to change.

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Last week's FDA advisory panel decision was only the first hurdle as the government sets its booster policy.

You can watch the entire 8 hour meeting here:

It starts getting interesting after about 5 hours, and even more interesting at about the 6 hour mark where they discuss the data and then each member gives their final opinion/decision. Basically, most opposed the booster shots for the under 65 because there was a great scarcity of safety data.

Israel being at the forefront of vaccinations, their system is inevitably going to become the norm in Western countries.

In Israel vaccines are only valid if taken within the last 6 months.

Yeah, they got the mass vaccinations going earlier than everyone else, so we can expect other countries to eventually follow whatever happens in Israel. But maybe a little different for those not using Pfizer's gene therapy...

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As usual if the politicians are trying to act against the scientists recommendations I would be much more on the side of the scientists. There are people on urgent need of those shots, give them to those people first and if there is anything left over then boost anybody else.

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