Cheap, safe device helps avoid premature birth


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Eerily similar to the devices used In Huxely's Brave New World. Whereby plastic rings are placed around the baby's neck in the womb to restrict the blood flow, thereby creating Alphas, Betas and other lesser humans.

Let's stick to the precautionary principle and keep plastics and other foreign objects out of the womb.

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The device goes outside the neck of the womb, not inside with the baby. There is NO way it could get around the baby's neck. It could however keep the baby inside the womb, safely until it is developed enough not to have problems with breathing, cerebal palsy, brain bleeds, and other such debilitating conditions which DO cause long term and life limiting medical conditions for the baby. I wish I had had access to this device before my child was born severely premature.

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These contraptions have been used - quite safely - as "contraceptives" for many years.

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neversubmit - This is a real issue which affects thousands of mother and babies - and they might have found a way to solve it...

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The other option which can help is having a tape stitched around the cervix. A plastic support sounds far better than that, or Never, should the baby be allowed to be born too early, with sometimes devastating consequences? I might even consider having another child knowing that this is an option.

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JT - There was a typo in the original story you picked up. The material used to make this pessary is "silicone," the soft, rubbery material used in many medical devices, not "silicon," the shiny metal used to make computer chips.

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