China hospital data absent from WHO's latest COVID reports, raising concern

By Emma Farge and Bernard Orr

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The two possibilities are that the Chinese government is either too corrupt and it is hiding the deaths on purpose, or that it is so incompetent that was unable to improve the public health system to be able to deal with the inevitable influx of patients that would come after the unsustainable zero covid policy inevitable end.

In both cases the losers are the citizens, that will have to deal with their government corruption or incompetence to deal with the disease as well as other countries that took their responsibility more seriously.

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The persistent critical issue is a lack of transparency and people cannot use their data to do research and analysis, or provide guidance for the next step

The lack of trust in China’s statistics is also causing panic among members of the public, and vaccine abstinence

It’s in the best interest of the government to be more transparent, because a lot of the behaviours that the public is exhibiting is because they don’t have information

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China spent the last 2 years claiming its vaccine is "safe and effective", they even exported it to over 50 countries,

And it is, just much less effective than other vaccines.

The vaccines have failed.

Non-sequitur, the chinese government that failed to promote vaccination as the developed wrold did are the ones that filed, considering "fully vaccinated" people that got two doses more than a year ago is part of the efforts they are making to hide this failure.

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They peaked at 28,859 through to Dec 4, according to a WHO graph,

Incredibly low numbers.

And without the high vaccination numbers seen in countries like Australia and New Zealand which had zooming high infection and covid related death rates. The highest in the world.

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Incredibly low numbers.

That is very easy to do when the authorities do not report the real numbers, false statistics can be as low or high as anybody is interested in making them to pretend they are not having a huge crisis even when the actual situation according to the experts and reliable reports is the opposite.

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China is a dictatorship and oppressing other nations or regions such as Tibet and Hongkong. All said.

but Japan is also lying and understating covid deaths with a factor 10 or more. We are again at around 350 deaths and have been over 300 for a while. That is a ratio of 9000 a month. This was the case in other waves as well. But Japan still maintains it has only about 70.000 covid deaths. That is ridiculous. I know of course over the 3 years since the start recorded deaths are sometimes in the tens per day but many remain unrecorded.

Japans Real covid deaths will be around 750.000 and that compares correctly with numbers in other countries when keeping total population numbers in mind.

lies as always. Japan lives on lies and corruption

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