Chinese scientists say new highly accurate virus test gives results within minutes


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I wonder if the vaccine-opposed would reject a pcr (or equivalent) test?

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It's made in China. Nuff said.

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Sorry, I don't dont believe or trust them.

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China definitely had all the inside information to get a head start on this.

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Makes sense that testing would only improve this deep into the pandemic. Considering how often I need PCR test for work, I would love to be able to get something as fast as the rapid diagnostic tests but with reliable accuracy. Hopefully this can start being produced en masse soon.

I do wonder what the cost would be like, the device doesn't sound particularly cheap but if the device is re-usable that is less a big deal.

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From the country who claims only 250,000 people have been infected and only 1,000 have died from CCP Coof 19.

Nuff said.

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Their trial involved taking samples from 33 people in Shanghai who were infected with the coronavirus

You think they'd try with more people!?

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No-one’s going to use it unless it works. And considering that most of the RATs we use, certainly here in Australia and I’d guess in many other countries, are made in China, there’s no reason to dismiss this out of hand.

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All these years, most people are content with Made in China. And they are trying to make it better and better, nothings wrong with it. They are one hell of hardworking people, sub par with Japanese, both are No. 1 in the world.

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LOL only the WHO would believe China! I don't trust anything coming out of China its all LIP SERVICE. If its true I wonder where they "STOLE" the information from.

Chinese scientists say they have developed a new coronavirus test that is as accurate as a PCR lab test but gives results within four minutes.

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I wonder if new, soon to be released ones are pre-loaded for accurate results? Never hurts to get a jump in the market.

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Since anything that mainland Chinese scientists say is approved by the CCP, I do not trust any of it.

If this new gadget was developed in Taiwan, I would be more interested.

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