Chinese vaccines are poised to fill gap, but will they work?


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Vaccines made in China?

No thanks!

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A chinese Vaccine?

Never ever!

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As the article states. “There is no reason

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As the article states “there is no outward reason why they should not work” ..Only the anti Chinese bias in people’s minds.

There have been problems associated with vaccines in China but the same can be said about the US, UK and Japan. Don’t forget 1.6 billion people call China home, that can easily magnify any problem.

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One got to be out of their mind to take Chinese vaccine to protect from Chinese virus...

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Of course, only they can exactly know how the antidote has to look like and to be constructed to become perfect, while all others can only guess and try to come as near as possible. But I wouldn’t take it anyway, because they of course wouldn’t export that perfect version of the vaccine outside their borders. You wouldn’t expect that, would you?

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Rather drop that then take ANYTHING from China

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It is reported by NTD news that CCP officials are taking the US made vaccines and administering the CCP made vaccine to Chinese citizens. Because of that, it is a hard pass on the CCP vaccines.

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If the Chinese vaccines are dependable, then good. If there is a doubt, why not license the rights from Pfizer or Moderna, and then mass produce all that is needed?

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There have been reports from Africa where workers at Chinese companies have been given the vaccine and still caught the virus in significant numbers.

So even without that, in light of the serious lack of transparency and information it would be folly of any government to permit its use on their citizens without carrying out their own tests and validation or at least demanding the relevant information from the manufacturer for assessment.

Mr Kipling, not anti Chinese bias, just sensible caution.

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China's “non-transparency over scientific data and a troubled history with vaccine delivery.”

It's hard enough convincing people - who would trust one's health to something so secretive

Unfortunately it's the poor nations who have no choice

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