Clean water for all is still centuries away, aid group warns

By Sophie Hares

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It is not just clean water, but having access to free world. That is the new gold rush. Greedy companies like Nestle are trying to buy up rights to water sources all over the world. Pretty soon it will be illegal to collect rain water.

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Supplying clean water and toilets for all could take hundreds of years in countries like Eritrea and Namibia

How do they arrive at this number? It seems pretty random, and conveniently situated at a point in time beyond which anyone alive today will be able to verify.

With global warming, are these countries going to be inhabitable in a few hundred years?

It seems more like this press release was chosen to sensationalize rather than inform and therefore take away from the factual nature of the problem. The important information is in the second paragraph, not the first.

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Pretty soon it will be illegal to collect rain water.

In certain place it is illegal to collect rain water dude. Strange, I know.

Funny (well not really...) that we can send a little solar powered robot to Mars to look for water, but we can't adequately supply the poorest nations here on our blue ball with a clean cup of water.

Why are our priorities all skewed?

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Drawing on U.N. data, the UK-based group calculated some countries will need hundreds of years to provide safe drinking water and toilets for all their people, meaning countries collectively are thousands of years off track.

At current rates, Namibians would have to wait until 2246 for everyone to have clean water, while all Eritreans would not get it until 2507 and Nicaraguans not until 2180, WaterAid said.

It could be 500 years before every Romanian has access to a toilet, and 450 years for Ghanaians, it added.

The lads and lassies that interpreted the UN data just did what many NGOs do, exaggerating figures in order to raise money and secure some well paid jobs on the field.

Every Romanian having access to a toilet 50 yrs later then every Ghanaian is hilarious.

With the Brexit becoming a fact in March nxt year the EU will gear up in the Eastern territories :)

The article doesn't read like decent journalism but more like an essay at high school level.

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I am pretty sure there quite a few cities that will run out of any water at all quite soon, add fracking and nestle pumping reserves for sell and water will be only accessible to few selected by 2030

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A reticulated fresh water supply and an efficient sewerage system are surely basic hallmarks of a civilised society. Many countries, for reasons best known to themselves, will never ever attain those basic services.

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How hard is it to clean water?

What a joke.

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The funny thing about climate change is that Russia will become a happier, wealthier, and more beautiful country. That is why they are in a rush to sell off all that gas because once the caps start melting faster, all of that gas will be released into the atmosphere.

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