Climate change poses 'lifelong' child health risk

By Patrick GALEY

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Malinkovitch. Please read up on his proven theories on global warming. The earth is a living entity and weather fluctuates actually rhythmically.

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Despite stating the effects of climate change that already exist, the article still cannot resist the typical line

And far worse is to come for future generations

Climate change is not a problem for hypothetical people who will appear in the future. As the expert says

"A kid born today has an average global life expectancy of 71 years so that brings them to 2090. That means that kid will experience a 4 C world," Nick Watts, executive director of The Lancet Countdown, told AFP.

My own children were born in Japan in 2005, 2008, and 2012. With Japanese life expectancy and three of them, there is a very good chance at least one of them would naturally live to 2090 or even 2100 given no disruptions. We must stop thinking we are making a problem for future generations. The situation is sufficiently grave for people already alive now.

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