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Coke ad: It takes 23 minutes to burn off a soda


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sometimes it is good to have a little amount of Coke

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Good Bye Coke, Bye-Bye Coke, I will never miss ya!!

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I now drink 90% only water. So glad to have given up drinking Coke, Red Bull and other nasty drinks for "energy."

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Coca Cola stretching the truth when it comes to burning off the calories of one of their vile drinks. Never mind the damage all that sugar does to your system, cycling for a bit makes everything better! Not. It's been proven time and time again that calorie counting does not lead to long term weight loss, nor does it equal good health.

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Oh & when coke says a calorie is a calorie..................they are lying big time!

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It is so simple. All business is only interested in maximum profits. I wonder how many old, healthy people were big soda pop fans? The big problem with wrong eating is the fact that you do not necessarily feel bad doing it....but it is still bad for you as eating right is best for you even if you do not feel better. It is like using good motor oil instead of a synthetic. There will be no performance difference in the car. The more it goes past fifty thousand miles, the more the synthetic shows it's superiority.

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I have come to the conclusion about 4-5years ago that pop is SLOW poison & made a conscious effort to cut it out, now its rare that I drink pop of any sort, except the occasional tonic water with gin splashed in!!

I cant even stomach coke/pepsi now it makes me gag!

What we are starting to see is like what happened with the tobacco companies & their cancer sticks. We are going to here more & more how companies have hid from us what & how much in in their stuff.

There will be a huge backlash & already the soda industry is seeing that people are cutting back on their slow poisons, we all should do the same.

AND we really need to cut out processed stuff with all those sugars added, IT IS all added up slowly poisoning those that consume it, took me a long time to realize it but I should have seen this earlier.

Cut as much junk as you can folks, your body will thank you!

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When I was a kid way back in NY, after a hot game of stick ball, we'd all go to the deli and get a really cold bottle of Pepsi. Now, I hardly touch the stuff. Just a cold beer once in awhile.

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I prefer the zero minutes when drinking water.....

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Used to like coke, but not so often now. The only time I like now is during winter when I was clearing the snow outside. Then I will put a can in the snow and drink it after that many hours of shuffling. By that time, some of it had turned into slush. I like the feeling of when it hits the throat.

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randomenigma - I believe the majority of Coca-cola bottlers use HFCS. This decision is typically based on availability and cost. The only sparkling product made with sucrose is Coco-cola from Mexico which is available in select regions. Not all sweeteners are made equal and you have to be careful when choosing a sweetener because there are some types that can severely damage your health. In my opinion the best would be stevia, sugar alcohols, honey and pure glucose and the ones to avoid would be aspartame, agave and sucralose or splenda. Remember if your consuming any beverage created in a lab instead of by nature, you can be assured your body doesn't recognize it. This opens the door to short-term and long lasting health problems for you and your family.

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@Novenachama does Coke even contain HFCS anywhere other than in the US?

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The basic message is try possible many calories from any source and not enough exercise is 100% true. Moderation and physical as activity is also a message, again as in what is incorrect there?

I don't like the taste of cola but I we would rather take my chances with a coke, steak potatoes and an exercise bike the food industry promotes than the chemically treated foods with all the fat removed, the odd drinks from plant extracts we don't normally consume also done in a chem lab, the tofurkey, soy chemically altered to taste like Turkey, and other nonsense pushed on us by the dietary industry and government which pushes and advertises that.

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I agree in theory (but am nowhere near educated enough to pass any opinion on the health information Novenachama provided) that there are far greater health risks than just calculating the number of minutes to spend on an exercise bike to even it out. One of the dangerous misconceptions today is that health = calorie counting ONLY. There was an interesting story not too long ago about the health problems marathon runners were experiencing. These people were really careless with their diets, and bragged that they "could eat anything they wanted" because they were able to stay slim thanks to their running. So they ate horribly, and ended up with a large variety of health problems stemming from all the garbage in the food they were eating. So, good on Coke for not burying their head completely in the sand, but we've still a long ways to go towards educating people on what it means to eat healthy.

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A misconception when you consider it takes only an hour for your body to feel the harmful effects of drinking a soda. Within ten minutes, ten teaspoons of sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup hits your bloodstream. This is already 100 percent of your recommended daily intake. The sugar overload doesn't make you vomit because soda contains phosphoric acid, which cuts the flavor. Within twenty minutes, your body finishes absorbing caffeine. Then your pupils dilate, your blood pressure rises and your liver pumps more sugar into your bloodstream. Lastly in about forty-five minutes, your body increase dopamine production, which stimulates the pleasure centers of your brain. But then after sixty minutes, you start to have a sugar crash. In the end the regular consumption of soda may lead to more serious health concerns

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