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Coke, Pepsi fund health groups... but fight them too: study


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Well that I think depends on other issues. I mean if having a soda with you meals makes it way easier to stay on a healthy diet and thus your eating habits improve over all. And you don't have any soda outside of meal times. Then it still can't be argued to be that bad of a thing. I mean sure a good diet+no soda is technically better but if it's to hard for the person to stick to well then they aren't getting any benefit from it. Where with the soda they are getting some even if it's less then if they had also cut out the soda.

Also what kind of soda's are they drinking? could it be that they are sticking to a diet, or sugar fee kind? That do exist even if they aren't as popular.

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While you're right that drinking soda in moderation is not going to be a problem, drinking them with every mean is most definitely NOT moderation. The amount of sugar in a soda, drank three times a day, very likely could make you fat and/or diabetic, even if you are exercising and eating an otherwise healthy diet. That's a LOT of sugar.

Moderation would mean one a week, or one a month. One a day is even too much. Two a day doubles your risk of diabetes.

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While I would agree the soda's are not the most healthy drink out there. Still in moderation it's not that bad, I mean really if your otherwise eating a healthy diet and getting a decent amount of exercise Then having a soda with all your meals will not make you fat or diabetic. Now if you don't have the best eating habits or don't get enough exercise then drinking soda's will make the situation worse but it's not going to be the sole cause of your problems. Just as simply cutting soda's out of a borderline unhealthy diet will not magically make everything fine and dandy.

I think it's cool they are spending money, that they don't have to spend on helping to find other possibly more effective cures for the problem. And while over use of soda's might be part of the problem it certainly isn't thee problem.

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It's kind of like Shell, BP, and other petro corporation funding for the environment and ecosystems.

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I'd like to teach the world to sing: SODAS ARE BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!

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The easiest way to deal with Coke and Pepsi is just DON'T buy their products.

Then the problem will go away.


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