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Coke takes anti-obesity campaign global


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Some say the diet drinks are worse than the sugar ones. The chemicals in the diet drinks actually makes you eat more. So, how is this addressing the obesity problem?

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I love the headline, "Coke takes anti-obesity campaign global". It's like McDonald's promoting 'healthy food choices' or KFC promoting 'humane treatment for chickens'.

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All things in moderation and you'll be OK.

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The diet drinks don't appear to be making me eat more, so I call bullshit on that claim.

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Minute Maid pink grapefruit blend is delicious and healthy.

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aspartaam as it's called here is not know for its healthy qualities either. It's a nice vow but exactly how is this not just a media campaign to get attention ? the only way to fight this is to use real natural sugar and tell people to drink not too much coca cola, so is this what they plan to do with their commitment ?

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I'm pretty sure Mountain Dew is responsible for more obesity, rotten teeth, and diabetes cases than all Coke products are. At least, that seems to be the case among the 10-30 year old male demographic.

I should clarify that when I say Mtn Dew is responsible, I actually mean the inability of people to drink Mtn Dew in moderation. I swear, it's the official beverage for college.

In the U.S., where sugary drinks are often blamed for making people fat, diet drinks now account for 41% of sales for the flagship Coke brand. That’s up from single-digits in the 1980s.

My dentist told me to start drinking diet pop like 5 years ago. Since then, I've had no cavities and lost 40 pounds. I honestly can't drink regular pop anymore, it just feels....thick with sugar.

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I quit drinking soft drinks long ago. It simply does not make sense. Plain water, unsweetenned faffeine free tea, coffee are also good. Beer? Stay away from "Karakuchi". It means more phophoric acid, which depletes the calcium in your bones.

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That's like tobacco companies doing anti-cancer campaigns.

It also says it will stop advertising to children under 12 anywhere in the world.

They will design ads that can't be seen by children ?

“There is a place for all of our beverages in a healthy lifestyle,” CEO said.

Sure... but you're so far from that place you deserve.

Americans on average drink 403 servings of its various beverages a year. That compares with just 12 servings per year in India

So that's it : the right amount is 12 servings per year.

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