Confusion, seizure, strokes: How COVID-19 may affect the brain

By Issam AHMED

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This article highlights some of the real dangers of this virus. WBC (White Blood Cell) counts are through the roof for patients with severe symptoms. Renal failure of patients is linked to the pneumonia patients suffer. The kidneys are as vital as the brain. They control enzyme balance, with potassium levels being critical to health and survival.

Covidiots who demonstrate against social distancing and are only worried about themselves are putting so many others in danger because the 6 foot rule is turning out to be wrong. Every study shows that the true safe distance is still unknown, but definitely more than 12 feet since the virus is transmitted in very fine aerosol from normal speech.

Swabs and air samples of rooms of hospitalized patients show that every location in a room is contaminated. The air and every surface just from breathing.

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More than just an influenza virus. Covid19 attacks the whole human system, it's just that the lungs are the most vulnerable line of attack.

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"If you become confused, if you're having problems thinking, those are reasons to seek medical attention," he added. 

But if you have those symptoms, and are confused, don't ya think you might not be able to realize you need medical attention?

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