Contraceptive cost of COVID: a million unplanned pregnancies

By Anastasia Moloney

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As to contraceptives, in addition to being responsible, Vasectomies should be utilized. Vasectomies are effective and a relatively routine procedure compared to others. As a result, Vasectomies should be utilized as a significant form of birth control.

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Well that should help with any declining populations! ;)

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Cannot they just do something else if they get in heat? Go for a walk, count birds or sheep, read a book, knit a pullover, cook a meal, make some dishwashing, solve a crossword puzzle, anything? lol Yes, I know...

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Instincts OK, but violence ? The point is to fight violence, root cause of the issues or the cycle will never stop.

And unintended pregnancy is not the same as an unwanted baby.

Also many couples unvoluntarily happy to get a second or third one after years, by chance ;)

We all know where the fertily rate skyrockets and it is cultural not really a matter of means.

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That doesn't apply to Japan apparently.

2020 was historically low in births.

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A sad statistic.

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That doesn't apply to Japan apparently.

2020 was historically low in births.

Pregnancies (specially unwanted ones) do not necessarily become births.

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