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Cooking rice in a coffee-brewer could remove arsenic: study


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Japanese and Chinese have eaten rice as a staple food for thousands of years, it would be easy to compare the cancer and other ailments statistics against those of Europe where Staple foods are wheat and potatoes.

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I wonder what the percolator-cooker will do to the taste of the rice. Is this study intended to spread doom and gloom to the Asian nations, not just Japan and China, and in Latin America and the Caribbean? Probably not, but rice has been a staple food for thousands of years, like paradox pointed out. The percolator experiment is interesting, but it would be more interesting if there were data on cancer caused by eating rice, parallel to data on eating potatoes, grains, etc. Laboratory studies do not directly reflect real life situations.

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Um, never heard of organic arsenic.

This is great for third world rice eating countries. Now they just need electric.

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Arsenic is found in nearly all foods and drinks in small amounts and is a toxic element naturally present in our environment. Many of us have eaten rice 2 to 3 times a day for most of our lives so we are not going to eliminate it from our diet. After all the levels of arsenic are fairly low. Just rinse thoroughly before cooking in large quantity of water and that should be adequate to make rice a safe food to eat in moderation. On the other hand brown rice has significantly more arsenic than white rice and should be avoided or consumed rarely.

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