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Coronavirus drugs: Who's doing what, and when they might come

By Issam AHMED

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The spike vaccine is the easier, faster option. But at the same time its the one that is more likely to be less effective or even produce undesirable side-effects as seen with other coronaviruses.

On the other hand the chimeric-virus is going to take much longer time to be approved (since its much more difficult to show that a completely new, artificial virus is safe) but is much more likely to be effective since it stimulates the immune system more strongly.

The DNA vaccine is supposed to be in the middle, more effective than just the spike protein and easier to show as safe than the chimeric virus, but it needs a good way to get introduced into the cells safely and efficiently, which is the big problem with this kind of vaccines.

Anyway, for options to be used this same year the real candidates are antiviral drugs or synthetically produced antibodies, the antivirals are usually much more cheaply produced, but the antibodies have a much more stronger effect. Probably we will end up using several antiviral drugs in combination and maybe antibodies for very serious cases.

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As long as corners are not cut in testing this is promising, but I think there is a real danger of something being rushed out that could make matters worse, either through governmental or financial pressures. The usual process of testing is needed before release to the public. I'm sure there are plenty of human volunteers willing to try when the animal testing stage is complete.

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Encouraging I say, the sooner the better. Pull all stops, and give it everything you got because this virus could destabilize world peace.

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