COVID-19 INFORMATION What you need to know about the coronavirus if you are living in Japan or planning a visit.

Coronavirus monitoring systems strained to the extreme

By Paul Ricard and Amélie Baubeau

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One of the problems posed by this virus is that "there is a whole range of clinical symptoms", including some no worse than a common cold, Daniel Levy-Bruhl, a researcher at France's public health agency, told AFP.

That's what makes this very difficult to recognize.

But recently Chinese experts -- based on a relative handful of cases -- have concluded that the incubation time could extend 24 or even 27 days.

Ok, that's a bit worrying.

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On the disembarked cruse passengers determined to be infected when repatriated - my understanding is that they were released based upon not having had a fever - and not pcr tested at all.

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This is actually the second month of the virus our CDC say their is no vaccination or treatment ,they now have a confirm case in Africa, only treat is anti viral drugs, Japan will be the next center of the disease, you can be negative or positive, but logical and reason will save the world, not any worthless nationalism

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