Could the new coronavirus weaken 'anti-vaxxers'?

By Victoria Waldersee

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Let nature take its course. It is a shame that children would have to suffer for the ideology of the parents.

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and they still say it's a hoax

Who are they ? No one said this except Trump (and maybe his lemming supporters).

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Lol, nah.

People speaking up against are just being censored is all.

Heaps of people being removed from social media...

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Darwin's theory: stupid things will happen to stupid people.

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I'm old enough to be convinced that vaccines have saved my life: Polio, diphtheria, tetanus to name some of them. And after a near lethal bout of flu I was convinced annual flu shots were beneficial.

As shots for measles, rubella, chickenpox and other childhood diseases were not administered yet in the 60s I had to endure the diseases as well as their effects that affected me later in life.

I do not understand why parents would take the risk of harming their children by not vaccinating them.

I can only feel pity for the kids born to such parents.

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Could the new coronavirus weaken 'anti-vaxxers'?

We can only hope. But as anti-vaxxers have proved impervious to evidence and reason so far, I wouldn't bet on it.

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@Burning Bush: "I'd rather get infected with corona than take Big Pharma's chemical cocktail."

Darwin, please do make that choice alone in your apartment so as not to infect others.

9 ( +12 / -3 )

No, the anti-vaxxers are more rabid than ever. They believe the virus is fake, part of a conspiracy.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Lol, nah.

People speaking up against are just being censored is all.

Heaps of people being removed from social media...

Yes thanks for bringing that up, all discussion has been shut down on this mandatory vaccine that is coming, and the little fascists have come out from under their rocks to pounce on anyone who has a different opinion.

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Smallpox, polio, tetanus, flu, Hep A & B, measles, rubella, chicken pox, mumps, diphtheria, influenza and more. Millions of lives saved and much suffering prevented by vaccines developed against all of them. There are even vaccines against the bubonic and pneumonic plagues that killed hundreds of millions of people over many centuries.

And when a vaccine against Covid-19 is developed, I'll be right in line to get my shot along with all the other smart people, the ones who don't long for the good ol' days of the 14th century.

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It is very difficult to use facts and logic to reason with anti-vaxxers, but those who use facts and logic on a daily basis, scientists and engineers, have overwhelmingly rejected the Republican Party in the US. Sometimes I wonder if the reason why the GOP keeps trying to cut funding for education is because the less education people have, the more likely they are to vote Republican.

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After 4 years of getting the flu shot every year, I gave up because I still got the flu EVERY YEAR and someof those years twice. In fact one year I came down with the flu three days after getting the shot and my doctor's reply was while shrugging his shoulders, "yeah, it can happen from the vaccine." Ironic I thought.

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While I used to be impartial to anti vaxers, I’m beginning to think that they (as well as I) just happen to be born in the best of times, and have a bit too much of the “it won’t happen to me” mentality.

Now that they see first hand what a virus can do,they’re beginning to run (towards the vaccinators) with their tails between their legs! Hahaha!

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The pandemic might sway the views of people "on the fence" or that do things only because they are popular without thinking too much about it. But the people that take pride on being irrational have demonstrated that logic and evidence mean nothing to them, they will again repeat the demonstrated lies they use to defend their illogical choices and piggy back on the rest of people getting vaccinated so they can be safe by herd immunity.

Education is the thing that will weaken anti-vaxxers more efficiently, people will be able to be worried about safety or suspicious about pharmaceutical companies doing thing without proper controls without falling for the lies of people that try to manipulate them to believe impossible conspiracy theories.

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I believe in good medicine. Too bad they never finalized a SARS or MERS vaccine. I bet it would have made it much easier to develop one for this Sars Covid 19

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burning bush:

If I get the virus and develop natural immunity you'll be fine.

OK, Russian roulette, it is.

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Bigyen , covid19 is the first of many. Once you get vaccinated for it, it will have changed and there will be covid 22, covid 26, and so on.

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Many anti-vaxxers weren't around when many of these diseases maimed or killed you. They've bought into the online brainwashing regarding "the dangers" of vaccines.

Many anti-vaxxers think they're thinking for themselves and not going along with the "misguided masses".

They can sit idly by when (if) the vaccine for the coronavirus becomes available.

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Many of the diseases that the vaccines prevent are a lot worse than what you can get from the vaccine itself

Like polio, for instance - no vaccine would be as bad as what you get from polio disease

If I get the virus and develop natural immunity you'll be fine.

If you survive, just don't infect other people in the meantime by quarantining yourself

I've personally know several people who've survived the "milder" symptoms ("milder" only in relative to the severe cases) - and they all say it's a monster not like any flu they've ever had in their lives. They wouldn't wish it on anybody to suffer through - and that's only the "milder" cases. Can't even imagine the severe ones that require hospitalization. But if you're willing to suffer thru that

If you're one of the lucky ones to be asymptomatic, good for you. You take your chances. Just don't infect other people - practice social distancing, cough/sneeze on your arm or tissue, masks, etc.

Also, the jury is still out about what kind of immunity (short-term, long-term, etc.) the survivors of this coronavirus get. The virus is still too new; not enough data; not enough studies yet. So until more data and studies are done, we shouldn't assume anything yet

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Bigyen , covid19 is the first of many. Once you get vaccinated for it, it will have changed and there will be covid 22, covid 26, and so on.

Er yeah, same with flu, sport. So you have a new flu shot once a year. No problem.

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