COVID-19 nurse deaths worldwide in the thousands: federation


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Yup, nurses and carers are just cannon fodder for many government’s.

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Broadening out from nurses, the human rights organization Amnesty International said that at least 7,000 health care workers of all types had died worldwide after contracting COVID-19.

These are the people the "Covid-19-is-just-a-hoax-only-old-people-die-from-it-and-they-don't-matter-anyway" crowd don't like to be reminded of.

Health care and other care workers who were dedicated, vulnerable and often young, and right there in the firing line.

At least 7,000 dead, with many more infected, some of whom will suffer health consequences for the rest of their lives.

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When a safe vaccine is found, medical care workers such as nurses should take priority.

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