COVID pandemic exacerbated rise in STDs in United States: study


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Well, they blame it on the lack of public health funding, in general, and "reduced frequency of in-person healthcare services" "diversion of health workers from STD work to respond to the COVID pandemic," "STD test and lab supply shortages," and "lapses in health insurance due to unemployment."

Must be congressional appropriations time again. No problem too small or large that shouldn't be solved with lots of money thrown at it.

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Well, I guess if people found it too difficult to wear a mask on their face, they’d find it impossible to wear a condom on their privates.

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I’d take my chances with a bacterial STD over Covid. But yeah, if you find it too hard to put a mask over your face, then it must be impossible to unwrap a condom!

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I’d take my chances with a bacterial STD

Try curing HIV, HPV or HSV with penicillin.

STD clinics should be free. Poor show, US!

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You know what they say, never let a crisis go to waste. Covid is the pushing bag for all of societies failures.

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punching bag

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It was the "Summer of Love" in Seattle and lots of "mostly peaceful" mass gatherings "among 16 to 24-year-olds. Racial minorities including Black, Hispanic and Native American people were disproportionately impacted".

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We will see more if these unintended consequences of snti covid measures over the coming years

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