Dark chocolate cuts heart deaths: Australian study


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"We're not suggesting that the high-risk group use dark chocolate as their only preventative measure, but in combination with sensible choices, such as exercise."

I would think the article should be more like "Dark Chocolate consumption along with sensible choices, such as exercise, has shown to reduce the chances of heart attacks"

But, that would hardly be news, would it.

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Jonobugs, haven't you see the other research of the week that is around ?They found that exercise increases heart risks, in certain cases. But not in others. Well, like all such studies...the conclusion is "give us more budget to research more",

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Now I don't have to worry about eating my daily bit of dark chocolate along with several cups of green tea after dinner at night ...

Just hope it doesn't have any weird side effects ...

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Note though, just because chocolate noir has health benefits doesn't mean that you need it in your diet to prevent heart disease. It might be better to just eat some hemp seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, raw carrot etc.

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No Ted, Bitter :-)

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