Deep brain stimulation can be life-altering for OCD sufferers when other treatment options fall short

By Rachel A. Davis

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Very informative article that clearly explains how OCD can destroy a person's life completely and it is not just some minor quirks and obsessions as it is sometimes presented in the media. It also does a very good job presenting deep brain stimulation as the useful tool it is but not as the final cure that magically solves the whole problem.

But it is still and advance, and not only because it can partially treat the problems, but because it can lead to a better understanding of the problem and may in the future even allow for a real cure to be discovered, people under treatment now are benefitting from it to hopefully get their lives back, but they are also giving clinical data about their disease and how the stimulation helps them, data that can be priceless for doctors and scientists fighting against OCD.

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A brain with OCD is primed to detect any signs of potential danger. Many people with OCD wake up every day with a sense of dread and an expectation of bad things happening. Daily life is overshadowed by ever-present guilt, shame, fear and doubt.

The Gabby Petito show on Lifetime last night provided insight into some OCD symptoms.

Patel has consented to this publication of his medical information. He shares his story publicly to combat stigma and to provide hope for other sufferers that relief is possible.

Without the need to rehash this entire article, here is a good example of a patient, who is also a medical professional, providing clinical data about the disease, and his willingness to undergo deep brain stimulation surgery.

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