Delayed doses of AstraZeneca jab boost immunity: study


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Well, Japan has certainly delayed the doses of this and all the other vaccines. :)

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"An interval of up to 45 weeks between the first and second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine led to an enhanced immune response"

Because AZ jab uses an adenovirus viral vector to deliver the spike protein of coronavirus, the body produces antibodies against both the coronavirus spike protein as well as the adenovirus. Therefore, increasing the dose interval should increase the efficacy of the vaccine as the article suggests.

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Nobody wants to say it, but the truth is the Astrazenaca vaccine is inferior to the ones made by Moderna or Pfizer. How can I say that? Pfizer and Moderna have proven to be highly effective against every variant so far.

Astrazenaca was found to be ineffective against the South African variant. It is effective against the Delta variant (60%), but Pfizer and Moderna are far more effective against Delta (80+%).

I certainly would choose Pfizer or Moderna over Astrazenaca. This is Japan’s problem. They have millions of doses that are going to expire, but most people don’t want Astrazenaca. They should have given all their Astrazenaca away. They are caught between letting vaccine be wasted or trying to vaccinate people in Japan with it who don’t want it.

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Are you saying that Japan gave Vietnam and Taiwan inferior vaccines that it didn't want?

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Japan has given millions of doses to other countries, but hasn’t given any Pfizer or Moderna. ALL Astrazenaca.

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Just to qualify what I am saying. Japan is in a difficult place because it has millions of doses of Astrazenaca and Japan has a high level of vaccine hesitancy. After deciding initially not to use Astrazenaca after approval, it’s going to be a hard sell. So what are they going to do? They don’t want to be seen wasting millions of doses. So at least part of their solution is to give them away.

As to is Astrazenaca inferior, I will put it this way, which is superior 80% effective or 60% effective?

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Canada has a waiting time of 2 or 3 months after giving the first shot of Pfzer and or Moderna, finding that there are less reverse side effects by waiting. So, I am a little nervous about my second shot, which is already booked 3 weeks after my first.

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"Canada has a waiting time of 2 or 3 months after giving the first shot..."

So, you are nervous having to wait 3 weeks for the second (booster) shot? When everyone else has to wait for THREE months? So what is your problem, exactly...

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No, he is a little apprehensive because the 2nd dose he's getting might be coming too soon with possible greater side effects.

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Do an antibody test to find out if there has been contact with the virus!

If yes then no need for a vaccine

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Do an antibody test to find out if there has been contact with the virus!

If yes then no need for a vaccine

That is false.

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The Delta variant is becoming dominant, replacing the South African variant (whatever letter they gave it) in South Africa and across the African continent. As AZ works on the Delta variant, that is good news for the vaccine programme.

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