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Diabetes cases soar, 1-in-11 adults affected: doctors


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Less saturated fat less processed carbohydrates. More complex carbohydrates and vegetables and foods like pulses, beans, sea vegetables easy fix.

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Eat less

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I first came to Japan in the 90s, and was entranced by how slim and vibrant everyone seemed - entirely different from the sallow grey of the majority of the folks in my home town.

Now I see morbidly obese Japanese people every day.

Fast food is the clear culprit. Teach your kid that Mickey D's equals a happy time, and you've got a diabetic in the post.

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The food companies want to put sugar or corn syrup in almost everything, including savory items. Even products mainly containing fruit, with natural sweetness, have processed sugar added, I noticed during a recent trip to the supermarket.

This is out of control - and needs to be severely regulated. The corporations want to create a population of addicts and they dont care how sick we or are children become.

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Eat less

Or eat healthier. If you eat healthy, you don't really have to eat less.

Now I see morbidly obese Japanese people every day.

Where? I rarely see morbidly obese Japanese people. Overweight yeah, obese? Maybe by the technical term. But rarely do I see Japanese people who would be classified as morbidly obese.

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Pretty easy solution from a public health perspective to tax sugar and snack foods.

Not as easy as it sounds. It is not just snack foods and sugar that cause the problems. Bread, potatoes and yes, even rice cause problems

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The main problem is wheat. For many years it has been genetically modified. You find wheat in almost every food products. Avoid wheat, your life will improve and you loose weight.

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The main problem is wheat.

Well it’s not so simple as to boil down to one single thing. But if you really had to, it would be the addition of sugar to pretty much every processed food that is the worst culprit. It’s turned society into unrealizing sugar addicts.

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Sugar in almost all processed foods. Lack of exercise. Genetics.

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There are many scientific studies showing that vaccines can cause diabetes. Here are just two of them: https://vaccineimpact.com/2017/study-mmr-vaccine-linked-to-type-1-diabetes/


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There are many scientific studies showing that vaccines can cause diabetes

Quack studies, actually.

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