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Don’t let ‘FDA-approved’ or ‘patented’ in ads give you a false sense of security

By Michael Mattioli

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Don’t let ‘FDA-approved’ or ‘patented’ in ads give you a false sense of security

We've seen before how that plays out.

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Even bootlegged drugs without FDA approved and patented people are lining up for that.

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FDA officials are supposed to be watchdogs over the pharmaceutical industry, instead it's hardly any secret that they're constantly courted by the pharmaceutical industry.

This is typically how it works: an FDA official will be courted by a, say, Johnson & Johnson, who will offer a position to be on their regulatory committee, then later approached by a, say, Pfizer, who will make a higher offer to be on their regulatory committee. Because of this inevitable bidding war between the large pharmaceutical companies, any FDA official knows that this is the jumping point between an average-paying government job to a very lucrative pharma job on the inside. This is part of their career path, and undoubtedly weighs heavily into their corrupt decision making process.

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Another famous of FDA approve drug.


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The FDA consists of former lobbyists and other officials of the very food & drug industries allegedly regulated by the FDA. There are no consumer advocates in the FDA, it merely rubber-stamps "approved" on any substance with market potential.

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