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Drugmakers look to push the boundaries of old age


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Maybe if we don't pick the fruit from the tree, and the birds and worms don't touch it, it will stay in a perfect state of ripe...any drug scheme that comes along will need to address the puberty gland...so, we could maybe live for 130 years as a boy (beardless) or a girl( breastless), then die of unnatural causes, probably by our own hand- never mind the absence of offspring!...aging and dying old is a privilege, not a right. You must have lived a good life...now or before. Even the buddha eventually faded away, or did Mara limit his time here? My bet is that to fight most ailments that accompany old age, it will be found out to be a herbal cure, and alot of folk won't want to admit that! Yep. The key to health and happiness lay in your garden- free of charge!

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Good on Google. There's the story of the UK queen going on tour in the 1950's in the Pacific, and the welcoming committee pointed out the tortoise Captain Cook had given them on his visit. As for lobsters, they have no ageing mechanism like ours, and it's depressing to be be out-lived by something in a seafood salad.

But, very few large fast-moving organisms live forever, a few of the small ones basically never die, in one case switching gender, which could get a bit awkward.

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I don't get the desire to live to a riipe old age. in some sure, they stay sprightly and compos mentis but for most health and money and quality of life are just not worth it.

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