E-cigarettes raise lung disease risks, but less than smoking: study

By Jose Luis Magana

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E-cigarettes and vaping is technically safer than regular cigarettes. Like regular cigarettes, the problem lies in the chemicals in the vaping liquid. Its popularity will cause manufacturers to cut corners and use cheaper more dangerous chemicals.

Also e-cigarettes and vaping is smoother to consume, so people consume lots of it and don't really notice the effects until it is too late.

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Its popularity will cause manufacturers to cut corners and use cheaper more dangerous chemicals.

Yes, that seems to be a leading cause of issues, especially with the THC based vape liquids. In addition, however, is that nicotine only has a vaporization temperature of 95 degrees Celsius (200 Fahrenheit), and so is easy to vape at a comfortable temperature. However, THC has a vaporization point of 150 Celsius (300 Fahrenheit ), and CBD has a vaporization point of 180 degrees Celsius (350+ Fahrenheit). Recent studies I’ve seen suggest the high THC and CBD vaporization temperatures push the nickel-chromium heating coils to a much higher operating temperature than they were designed for, leading to coil breakdown and particles of chromium and nickel scarring the lungs.

I consume CBD in both the isolate crystal and full spectrum forms for a medical condition, and tried vaping it, but the high vaporization temperature makes even the milder vape form rough on the throat. It’s unfortunate, as vaping takes about a minute to get it into my bloodstream and has relatively OK adsorption, but ingesting it takes up to three hours for it to take effect.

for nicotine cravers, vaping at least doesn’t have the carbon monoxide problem that normal smoking does, and doesn’t have the tar problem, and as you point out, the lower temperatures of nicotine vaping and the non-smoke form does feel a lot milder. But like any new technology, it’s often only later in hindsight that other hidden issues start to arise. Nicotine, apart from being addictive, isn’t considered any more harmful than coffee drinking (as is noted by long term studies in people who took nicotine in gum form only), it’s the quick smoking delivery method where the problem is.

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