Eating too much fish while pregnant raises child obesity risk: study


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Lol cuz you know, everyone who have lived in fishing villages for generations where they eat fish almost every meal is fat. Pretty sure other variables overlooked by the study play more significant roles in the findings.

Not a 1 to 1 match but kind of like saying:

everyone who died last year drank beverages that contain water water intake leads to death at a rate of 100% (the study did not delve into what kinds of water containing beverages the subjects drank) QED

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This research findings needs more research.

Japan and other countries that have high fish intake should have a larger percentage of fat children than they have now according to that research.

I live in what was a fishing village decades ago. My grand mother and mother and my siblings and me grew up eating fish several times a week.

The fish van use to come around the streets selling fish twice a week and the weekly market you could also get fish. Also there were fishmongers shops.

None of us were fat children. .

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Spend the research grant on something more important.

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Something stinks in this research, and it ain't the fish...

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Codswallop. Japanese children have the lowest obesity rates in the world, and they and their mothers eat plenty of fish.

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Women who ate more than the recommended three servings of fish per week while pregnant gave birth to children at a higher risk of obesity than expectant moms who ate less

(3) $Buck-fifty Fillet-o-Fish Fridays @McD's? Go figure-

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but researchers cautioned that they had not proven any cause and effect.

So how can a recommendation be made?

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Codswallop. Japanese children have the lowest obesity rates in the world

I was inclined to agree with you, then I found this -

According to the chart on P4, Japanese children aged 5 to 17 come just under the OECD average: lots of countries have fewer obese kids.

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Doesn't matter what the mother ate, if the child eats snacks and drinks sugary sodas and plays video games all day without any form of exercise, then this child will be 100% guaranteed to be obese in ANY country.

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