Ecstasy may relieve the agony of PTSD: study

By Mariëtte Le Roux

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Pretty cool. If they had tested a dose of 100% I wonder what the results would have been. You have to live throughPTSD in order to understand it. Same with depression.

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It makes you dance to drum and bass like a melon head though ;p A pre warning. ;p

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For having tried it; it is indeed truly life changing. Grounds you up pretty well to what's solid inside, if i may express myself as such.

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Many lives have been lost to drug use, while facing the fact that some very dangerous drugs also can have practical uses. Ecstasy may be a case in point. Also, marijuana may be OK for some people, some of the time. There has also been research showing that LSD, taken at the right time, can aid in treating certain serious brain disorders.

Speaking from the viewpoint of old age, I fear that the reckless use of dangerous drugs could cause at least as much harm as good.

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Seeing as it has never been put through a serious clinical trial, the benefits & risks are not actually clearly understood (despite being listed as Schedule A/ Schedule 1 by many countries. The reason being that it was patented almost 100 years ago and thus is not able to be patented again (and so any company would be able freely manufacture and sell it on the back of another company's research).

As such, if there is a use of value to people and a way can be found to reduce risks to an acceptable level then all the better. Hope the trial bears fruit.

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