English survey finds high antibody levels from Pfizer vaccine roll-out


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I see, you just don’t like the other half of the story. P1 variants or reinfections although being vaccinated, that’s not so

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Sven Asai, you’re welcome to point to the evidence for your position.

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Swiss Toni:

Sven Asai, you’re welcome to point to the evidence for your position.

Yes, after a year of coronavirus bad news you would think that people would welcome good news stories without pointless quibbling.

But apparently not.

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Got my second Pfizer shot March 1st.

Had to be checked out by medical staff, as I got dizzy and tight chested almost immediately. Went to doctor yesterday for all kinds of tests. Nothing found, other than the symptoms, and a worried look on the doctor.

I had heard that some people had a tough reaction to the second shot, but I was hoping that that wouldn't be me. So far, still very tired.

If I get better soon, and never get Covid-19, I will be happy with the results, although am worried about how I feel right now.

Talked to a neighbor who got her second Moderna shot last week. She told me that she felt sick for about two days after getting the second shot, starting about 8 hours afterwards. She said that she feels fine now.

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