Exercise, less sitting time mean better sleep


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Make a positive change for yourself today! Get that body moving! Whether you love your body or hate it, it's the best instrument you will ever own! Get up and dance around the room! Find a pool and go swimming! Make a friend and go walking with them everyday!

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DUH!!! It's just common sense. You need a study of it???

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Sitting on the floor is also a good way to live your life. People have lost their connection with the ground.

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I tell people all the time that exercise is great for body and mind. I never have trouble falling asleep and I know it's due to my vigorous exercise regimen. Get up and move!

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And somehow, this is new information?

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I'm overweight and work in an office... I live at the top of a hill and walk to and from the bus every day... and I sleep just fine.

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