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Exercise may reduce heart failure risk for people with depression or anxiety

By Thor Christensen, American Heart Association News

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Exercise? Too hard. I wanna take a pill !!!

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Great. One more thing to worry about.

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Unless you are too depressed or anxious to exercise or even leave your bed. That is the conundrum.

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it depends on the level of your anxiety disorder or depression. however, in case of depression in particular people have difficulty washing dishes even put aside exercise. in case there are also fatigue even simplest exercises may be a struggle Id rather resort to calm evening\morning walk in a park with less people around and definitely would add trauma release exercises and havening. google it.

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Isn’t this stating the obvious, OMG! It’s so obvious it’s unreal isn’t it.

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Spiritual Exercises combined with physical drills are known to offer strength and vitality to the practitioners of the combo. People making brisk morning walks to the temple, church, mosque, synagogue say they feel strong and energetic after such exercises. People in their seventies and eighties improve their physical reflexes and sharpen their mental reflexes as they gallantly march towards their nineties and beyond.

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