Fast food calorie info only cuts intake temporarily: study


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Almost 40% obese. Amazing.

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Obesity is a huge problem and poor food choices is most of it. Lack of exercise and food processing is the rest.

Regarding the obesity stat though, it will use BMI, which is a poor guide. According to BMI, every rugby forward will be obese and all the backs will be comfortably overweight. They should switch to body fat %.

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I just got back from the States and I ate fast food several times, not because I like it, but because that is the only convenient option on the road sometimes. I think one option is that the pervasive fast food locations shift to having healthier menus by choice or force. My strategy at Wendy's for example was to get the average burger with side salad and unsweetened tea and it seemed not overly caloric.

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I was in the prepared food business when nutrition labeling was mandated in the mid 90's. Saw about 6 months of interest from customers and then nothing. Not surprised that deeply engrained habits don't change long term with the labels. Portions are the culprit in the US, enormous.

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Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi were the only 3 states studied?

The residents of those states have terrible obesity problems, many are not well educated and many are poor.

How about studying these results in other parts of the world. I am sure the results would differ.

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