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Muscular dystrophy-stricken scientist on quest for life-changing drug

By Mako Tomita

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For patients of incurable diseases there are many options about how to deal with their disease, for some the answer is to conform and try to enjoy their lives the best they can while suffering, but for others like Dr Yoshikawa the answer is to confront the difficulties and do something, even if it is thought to be impossible. Even if he don't manage to cure his own case (and seeing his efforts this may be possible yet) his work will help many others follow and that increases a lot the chances of a therapy being discovered thanks to him, he deserves all the support he can get.

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Prayers that he is successful.

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If it were possible to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign I would do so. I don't know the Japanese language and am in the U.S. so maybe this is not practical.

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