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Fertility treatment doesn't boost overall risk of breast, ovary or uterus cancers


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Advice: do it before the natural way !

Are you trolling or just willfully ignorant.

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Previous studies have shown that women who have fewer children or have their first child later in life are more likely to develop a reproductive organ cancer, so other medical characteristics likely explain the risk increase rather than the fertility treatments.

If you had read, you knew I was not trolling. I have read many times that women are mire fertile you g and having children young is increasing their life expancty.

If I had been a woman, I would have decided my life in view of this fact. You can't have the cake and eat it.

Me ignorant ? Lol if you knew me !

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The unnaturally high levels of estrogen in some treatments may worry some women, but this study should reassure them

So, this time is for real, right?

Am I the only one growing more skeptical with all of this flip-flopping? It's all good, I guess, because the scientists use enough words like "should" and "likely" to cover their backs should everything turn out wrong.

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Advice: do it before the natural way !

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