First U.S. drug injection center aims to lead way on overdoses


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is something incongruous about this headline ?:

First U.S. drug injection center aims to lead way on overdoses?

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While I see the reasoning behind such programs I don't think assisting them in their destructive behavior is the best way to help them, unless the it's conditional upon an effort to overcome the habit, a condition these places don't have as far as I know.. And do taxpayers want to fund such centers? I don't think so.

Rehab centers yes, drug use assistance centers no.

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I would be open minded supporting innovative approaches, keeping data and further funding those methods that work the best. Whatever they are doing in San Francisco is definitely not working.

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Desperate measures to control part of the consequences of a social and economic problem that keep fueling drug addiction in the US, this may not be doing much to solve the main problem, but every life saved is something positive.

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