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Fish oil may hinder chemotherapy: study


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Interesting. How about the omega oils on gets from seeds and nuts? Do they also hinder chemo?

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So basically the fish oil is doing what it's supposed to and producing positive effects in the body but because chemo is toxic to the body and some doctors suggest poisoning the system to make it healthier [which is beyond any logical reasoning] then they aren't happy about the effects of fish oil. Sounds like a bunch of great research to me!

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What a load of fish oil! Chemotherapy has NEVER cured anyone of cancer, that's a fact!! Check out the cancer cure by doctors Leonard Coldwell and Burzynsky, both of whom the FDA want to shut down, and both of whom have a 95% cure rate with their non-chemotherapy methods!

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Just want to inform anyway about a book called The Hidden Story Of Cancer...both my wife and myself had cancer within one year apart...Brian Peskin connects the dots on the cancer issue like no one...We go by his recomendations to the letter. It has to do with essentional fatty acids...mainly more omega 6 than 3...NO FISH OILS EVER..as they are dangerous...anyway you read him and his reseearch www.brianpeskin.com I wrote a resource approved by him that I give away if anyone is interested...just send me an email...sid_aust@msn.com thanks Sid

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