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Is breastfeeding safe during the coronavirus pandemic?


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This is certainly an interesting issue.

However, if the mother of a newborn has a transmissible illness, isn't it likely that she will expose her baby to that illness, whether she breastfeeds or not? Therefore, the question of exposing the baby to Covid-19 through breastfeeding becomes almost moot.

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I'm sure there are people who are horrified at the thought of seeing a woman's breasts in public, but I am fine with it. If only that were the most important problem we had to deal with today.

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Guys, this is Japan, have you ever seen a mother popping out her boobs and starting breastfeeding? Of course not, they use a cape and they do it discreetly. And I cant phantom why would anybody have a problem with that.

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Appalled to hear that japan recommended formula for the most important time to be exclusively breastfeeding

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Of course it is, people are just looking for problems now. As long as breastfeeding is done in private and not in public it’s fine

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NO CLUE!!!???

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